3 Ways Your Closet Can Save the World

Happy 2017 Earth Day! We hope you’re celebrating the holiday by thinking about the ways you can make your habits more eco-friendly every day. It’s never been more important than now!

For example, did you know that 100 billion pieces of junk mail are delivered in the United States each year? That’s a lot of paper if you’re not recycling it properly! 

Additionally, did you know fashion is the second-most polluting industry of water?And of course, the list could go on and on, but we’ll stop here.

To read more Earth Day facts (20 million people participated in the first one!) visit this site.

Now, Armoire is all about clothing storage, so to celebrate the holiday, we’re sharing three ways your closet can be more eco-friendly. Read on to learn how you can change the world in just a few simple steps. 

1. If you’re building a closet, or renovating one you already have, consider using sustainable materials like recycled and formaldehyde-free wood. Any time you’re building something new, using sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials is a must! Read more about it here.

2. What’s in your closet that you can recycle? Can you donate unused items? Armoire stores off-season pices until they’re ready to be worn, which frees up space and makes it easier to dress in the mornings, but can you get rid of things now that you rarely wear? Recycling is good for the planet! Read more about clothing recycling here.

3. Take a shopping fast, to research what you value. Pick a period of time to do your research on purchasing clothing made with sustainable materials before you buy anything new. Armoire can help here too, becuase it’s easier to feel like you have enough clothes, and won’t feel the need to buy more, when you’re only looking at what you love! Take some time to find out which brands are eco-friendly and which ones you can support, then jump back into shopping when you can do it with awareness. Read more about that here!


Boy, do we love bonus tips! Here’s one additional way to make your closet eco-friendly, as a thanks for reading to the end of the post!

*BONUS: Use eco-friendly detergents and sustainable lighting. Are you using old-school light bulbs in your closet? Change them to CFLs! Are you using harsh detergents? Switch to something like 7th Generation, which is more environmentally friendly.

Good work, eco-friendly clothing superheroes! Tell us how you’re celebrating Earth Day in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! 
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8 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

We’re gathering up our best tips on clothing care, so you can keep the pieces you love longer. Don’t spend time and money on new items if you don’t have to! Reduce, reuse and recycle applies to your closest, too. 

Keep reading for ideas on keeping your clothes looking beautiful!

  1. Remove grease stains by adding a can of Coke to your washer, and cycle as you normally would.
  2. No time for dry cleaning? No worries! Toss a lightly worn or wrinkled item in the dryer with a dryer sheet and an ice cube. It’ll release the wrinkles and smell so fresh!
  3. Polish and shine patent leather using regular old Windex. It’ll brighten it and help remove dirt and dust.
  4. Don’t buy a “vintage” t-shirt! Make your own! Take any regular tee you own and brine it in a salt water solution that’s 1 quart water and 1/2 cup salt. Leave the shirts for three days and tumble dry. Voila! They’ll have that soft, worn, vintage feel you crave.
  5. Wash new jeans twice before taking them to a tailor. Jeans always shrink when washed.
  6. Make leather shoes and moccasins last longer, especially if you always wear them without socks, by stuffing them with a soft cloth after use. This helps them keep their shape and absorbs moisture!
  7. Turn socks into a heating pad by filling them with rice or dry beans and putting in the microwave for 30 seconds.
  8. Faded black jeans? Add two cups of brewed coffee to your next rinse cycle and it will help retain the dark color. 

And… a bonus tip!

Becuase we really appreciate your reading this post all the way through, we want to give you a bonus tip to care for your clothes! Here it is:

*BONUS: This is especially important for Chicago folks! If you wear tennis shoes in the snow and sludge, apply Scotch-Guard Fabric & Upholstery Protector to make them water-resistant and keep them looking great! Also, a toothbrush and a little toothpaste goes a LONG way towards making them white again!

We hope these tips help you get the most out of your wardrobe! You can wear your favorite clothes all year by keeping them fresher, longer, saving time and resources on purchasing new ones. 

Besides, what’s better than a well-loved piece that still looks great after years of use? Clothes can turn into conversation pieces after they’ve collected two years worth of wear and stories. 

Let us know how YOU make your favorite items last in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @GetMyArmoire!

We appreciate every new follower and we can’t wait to bring our amazing service to you!

Best Twitter Accounts To Organize Your Home

If you’re looking to reorganize your wardrobe or clear out some of the clutter from your closet, you can find inspiration in many places online. The first you probably thought of was Pinterest, right? But have you checked Twitter lately?
While going through the #closetorganization hashtag, we found loads of great accounts that post cleaning, organizing and minimal living tips. Here are some of our favorites.

1. @megansmovingco

This is a moving company based in central Florida and is still a small account, but the graphics are phenomenal and you’ll get a solid mix of home decor, moving and packing tips and other content. Though of course our favorites are those like “The Top Clutter Hotspots in Every Home.” 

2. @AptTherapy

While Apartment Therapy is famous for all kinds of lifestyle and home decor content, we do love their posts about organizing, which some of the accounts on this list often retweet. We recently shared their “9 Clever Ways to Organize Your Home with Pegboard.”

3. @InnovateHomeOrg

Truly an account focused on making your home the best it can be, they post home organization and interior design content consistently. It’s super visual and engaging as well.

4. @Organize-It

Another solely dedicated to helping you tame the mess in your life. We love this post about revamping your closet without breaking the bank. They also post about organizational books, the best storage solutions and more. True dedication! 

5. @GetMyArmoire

How could we not mention ourselves? We post constantly about how to clean your closet, care for what’s in it, and tell you more about our professional storage and delivery service for your seasonal clothes. Live spaciously! 

6. @ClosetWorksPA

Last but not least, this company offers closet organization systems in PA. Even if you don’t live in the state, you’ll love reading their de-cluttering tips!

If you’re still craving more tips, try sorting through #organization, #cleaning or #minimal on Twitter. Be sure to share your favorite finds with us @GetMyArmoire

How to Care for Everything in Your Closet

Chances are you have some beautiful clothes in your closet, and you want to make them last. Evening gowns, business suits, wool, denim and other fabrics all last longer when you properly care for them. It also ensures they look great, keeping their shape and color. 
Keeping your clothes beautiful means saving money, but of course it also means your wardrobe is ready for any occassion at any time, becuase your clothes are always ready and willing to go! If you want to enjoy your favorite pieces for seasons to come, keep reading for tips on caring for them.

1. To fold or to hang?

Not every article of clothing should be hung. Jeans and some sweaters in particular can get creased, or your sweaters will get those ugly shoulder lumps that just won’t go away. Consider folding some of your clothes and store them flat in a dresser or on a shelf in your closet instead.

2. When the tag says dry clean only, believe it.

Don’t be one of those that reads a tag that says, “dry clean only,” and think, “it’ll be fine,” then throw it in the wash. Wool especially will shrink in really odd places and completely lose any shape or cut in the wash. Be prepared to invest in dry cleaning or don’t buy the piece.

3. Don’t over-wash denim.

Just as you don’t necessarily need to wash your hair every day, you don’t necessarily need to wash your jeans every wear. If you spill coffee in your lap and have a stain, sure, but don’t wear your jeans out if you don’t have to. Washing machines and dryers are hard on clothing, so avoid tossing them into the “clothes blender” unless you have to. For jeans, try washing every 2-3 wears.

4. Store your clothes clean.

If you’re not going to wear an item for a while, say, if it’s a seasonal piece, don’t store it dirty! To avoid smells, stains and other undesirables creeping permanently into your clothes, clean them properly before tucking them away.

5. Read the tag!

At the end of the day, the manufacturer’s care tag knows best and was sewn into the clothing for a reason. Just as you should trust a tag that says, “dry clean only,” you should pay attention and ensure you wash an item in cold water if that’s what’s called for. Don’t risk it; it matters or it wouldn’t be printed there.

6. Use a clothing storage service.

If you really want to make sure you’re giving your clothes the best possible treatment, consider investing in a clothing storage service like Armoire. If you live in Chicago, we can pick your clothes up, profesionally clean and store them, then return them whenever you like. The best news? Armoire is taking presale applications TOMORROW, so jump in while there’s still space available!

Best Chicago Designers

There are a ton of companies that make Chicago what it is, and are synonymous with the city. Think Giordano’s, Lou Malnati’s—which are only pizzerias! There’s also landmarks like the Field Museum and the Sears Tower (we have a hard time calling it the Willis). 

These are iconic Chicago brands, but are you familiar with the city’s designers? There are a few top names with beautiful collections home to the Windy City. Read on to hear about our favorite, native Chicago clothing and fashion brands, in no particular order.

1. Leche Libre

Andrea Newberry created this clothing line to make it easer for women to breastfeed in public. The clothes are edgy, stylish and ultitarian. You can follow her on Instagram @leche_libre or visit her website at www.LechLibre.com!

Leche Libre, founded by designer Andrea Newberry, is a Chicago clothing line that makes it easier for women to breastfeed.
Leche Libre is a clothing brand making it easier for women to breastfeed in public.

2. Glass House Shirt Makers

This menswear line is stylish and functional, with beautiful prints and luxurious fabrics, like quilted cotton. The brand, founded by Daniel Bernardo, speaks out against child labor and also has stunning pocket squares, scarves and more. Follow them on Instagram @glasshouseshirtmakers or visit their website at www.glasshouseshirtmakers.com.

3. Ikram Chicago

While Ikram Goldman, the woman who founded Ikram Chicago, doesn’t actually design her own clothes, her brand is synonymous with Chicago’s luxury culture. The space itself is stunning; the outside is completely red. Ikram curates beautiful designer fashions from around the globe, and part of the collection includes vintage pieces Ikram hand-picks. Visit their website at www.ikram.com.

4.  Elise Bergman

Elise Bergman is a Chicago-based women’s apparel design house. The designer herself recently posted photos of the Women’s March on Instagram, and her collections can be found in multiple Illinois locations, including in Chicago and Glen Ellyn. Follow along on Instagram at @elisebergman.

5. J. TOOR

J. Toor is a menswear line in Chicago. The luxury store offers in-house tailoring, ready-to-wear suits and made to measure experiences. It’s also a staple in the city. Visit their website at www.jtoor.com

Okay, these are some of our favorite Chicago brands! What about you? Let us know your personal favorite Chicago designers and brands in the comments below.

Create More Space in Your Closet

In our last post, we gave you seven signs your closet might be overstuffed. Did any of them apply to you? If so, you may be looking for a way to clean and organize your space. 

If you didn’t see it, that’s okay! There’s probably a reason you came to this post, and we’re here to help. Keep reading for ideas on creating more space in your closet, so you can enjoy the pieces you already have and make room for additional ones!

1. Do the donate, keep and toss challenge. 

Make three piles, baskets or bags and book yourself a couple of hours to go through every clothing item you own, separating each piece into the donate, keep or toss pile. Donate items that no longer fit, are no longer your style, or that you haven’t worn in more than four months (excluding seasonal pieces. If you wore it heavily last season, keep it!) Keep items you love, items that express your style, and basics you use to build many outfits. Trash items that are torn, stained, or otherwise ruined or not wearable. 

2. Invest in organizers. 

There are so many organizing tools you can use—shoe organizers, scarf hangers, and more! Find the ones you love and invest in a system that works for you. We really love The Container Store; they have so many options to get all your stuff in order!

3. Find some DIY inspiration 

There’s nothing short of thousands of DIY closet inspiration on Pinterest. You can find our inspirational ideas @armoirechicago. Scroll through our “Closet Organization” or our “Beautiful Closets” boards to find projects that will help you decide on a clear direction for your space. What do you want it to look it? How will you make that happen? Find what you love and then create a plan to make those goals a reality.

4. Store off-season clothes
If you live in Chicago, you can use a service like Armoire, which picks up, stores, cleans and then delivers your clothes on demand. If you don’t, look for a similar service near you, or invest in a small storage locker. Worst case scenario, grab some large boxes at the U-Haul store and hide those puffer coats away. This way, you aren’t taking up space in your closet with items in the summer! You can’t create great outfits if you can’t find anything, or are constantly looking at the wrong pieces.

So there you have it, four really solid ways to create some space in your closet! The first one alone will get you really closer to your goal, but incorporating others will take your closet game next level. Care for your best clothing pieces, live spaciously, and you’ll find it much easier to express your style. Fashion happens when you make deliberate decisions about what to wear, and building great outfits happens when you declutter

7 Signs Your Closet is Too Full

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to wear, but plenty of clothes? Or do you ever want a specific pair of jeans or your favorite sweater, but can’t find it?

You may have an overloaded, stuffed closet. 

While it might seem like a good thing to have hundreds of pieces in your closet, clutter is often frustrating and makes you feel depressed or anxious. The more there is, the longer it takes to organize and it’ll be tough to find your favorite clothes.

If you feel like you need a wardrobe overhaul or are thinking of taking drastic measures, don’t do it just yet! You may just have an overloaded closet. Read these seven signs your closet is too full, and then decide.

1. You have a mix of winter and summer clothes.

2. You always run out of hangers.

3. You can’t find what you’re looking for.

4. You can’t close your dressers, or some clothes are always in chairs, in the laundry basket, etc.

5. You find something you bought months (or years!) ago with the tag still on it.

6. You just can’t bring yourself to clean it. The thought alone is exhausting.

7. Putting together an outfit you actually like takes forever.

Does this sound like you yet? If so, you may want to think of donating the extra pieces to those in need or using a service like Armoire, which stores, cleans and delivers your off-season clothes whenever you need them.

If you have too many pieces in your closet, you’ll never be able to find the ones you want. So consider those organizing tips and get your wardrobe in order!