Best Twitter Accounts To Organize Your Home

If you’re looking to reorganize your wardrobe or clear out some of the clutter from your closet, you can find inspiration in many places online. The first you probably thought of was Pinterest, right? But have you checked Twitter lately?
While going through the #closetorganization hashtag, we found loads of great accounts that post cleaning, organizing and minimal living tips. Here are some of our favorites.

1. @megansmovingco

This is a moving company based in central Florida and is still a small account, but the graphics are phenomenal and you’ll get a solid mix of home decor, moving and packing tips and other content. Though of course our favorites are those like “The Top Clutter Hotspots in Every Home.” 

2. @AptTherapy

While Apartment Therapy is famous for all kinds of lifestyle and home decor content, we do love their posts about organizing, which some of the accounts on this list often retweet. We recently shared their “9 Clever Ways to Organize Your Home with Pegboard.”

3. @InnovateHomeOrg

Truly an account focused on making your home the best it can be, they post home organization and interior design content consistently. It’s super visual and engaging as well.

4. @Organize-It

Another solely dedicated to helping you tame the mess in your life. We love this post about revamping your closet without breaking the bank. They also post about organizational books, the best storage solutions and more. True dedication! 

5. @GetMyArmoire

How could we not mention ourselves? We post constantly about how to clean your closet, care for what’s in it, and tell you more about our professional storage and delivery service for your seasonal clothes. Live spaciously! 

6. @ClosetWorksPA

Last but not least, this company offers closet organization systems in PA. Even if you don’t live in the state, you’ll love reading their de-cluttering tips!

If you’re still craving more tips, try sorting through #organization, #cleaning or #minimal on Twitter. Be sure to share your favorite finds with us @GetMyArmoire


How Clutter Affects Your Health

We talk a lot about reducing clutter in your life, caring for the clothes in your closet and generally trying to tame messiness. Part of that is because we’re passionate about helping you live spaciously, but part of that is also because having a cluttered house can really negatively affect your life.
Below, you can read about the real impact that having too much stuff can have on you, along with a couple tips on what to do when it becomes overwhelming.

1. You can’t focus.

Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that clutter restricts your ability to focus and hinders processing information. This makes you distracted, and you can’t perform as well as you would if you were working or living in a clean, organized environment.

2. Your children suffer.

Seriously, the Huffington Post reported that children in decluttered classrooms perform 13 percent better on tests.

3. It’s a sign of bigger problems.

In 2008, the New York Times reported that people think clutter is a “house problem,” when it could really be a sign of a larger health issue. 

While most people don’t struggle with hoarding, which the Times reported many experts believe is a mental illness, we can learn from those who do. Instead of seeing each individual object, take a step back and look at the cluttered state, or the big picture, instead. You might be surprised to find “chronic disorganization” is your problem. 

What do you do to combat these problems though? If clutter reduces mental clarity and calm, affects our loved ones and could be a warning sign for deeper issues, how do you stop it?

The first step is recognizing your issue. What parts of your life are cluttered? Is is physical or not? You could have a stuffed email inbox full of message you haven’t responded to, or you could have dozens of shirts stuffed in a drawer you can’t close.

Either way, begin to look for resources to guide your “stuff detox.” Search through the #organization hashtags on social media platforms and find guides and inspiration. Then, make it actionable and clean it up! You might find that the benefits of a clean house are more than physical. You might feel calmer, more serene, and a bit more happy as well.

For more information about organizing and getting your closet in order, you can follow Armoire on Twitter @getmyarmoire. 

7 Signs Your Closet is Too Full

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to wear, but plenty of clothes? Or do you ever want a specific pair of jeans or your favorite sweater, but can’t find it?

You may have an overloaded, stuffed closet. 

While it might seem like a good thing to have hundreds of pieces in your closet, clutter is often frustrating and makes you feel depressed or anxious. The more there is, the longer it takes to organize and it’ll be tough to find your favorite clothes.

If you feel like you need a wardrobe overhaul or are thinking of taking drastic measures, don’t do it just yet! You may just have an overloaded closet. Read these seven signs your closet is too full, and then decide.

1. You have a mix of winter and summer clothes.

2. You always run out of hangers.

3. You can’t find what you’re looking for.

4. You can’t close your dressers, or some clothes are always in chairs, in the laundry basket, etc.

5. You find something you bought months (or years!) ago with the tag still on it.

6. You just can’t bring yourself to clean it. The thought alone is exhausting.

7. Putting together an outfit you actually like takes forever.

Does this sound like you yet? If so, you may want to think of donating the extra pieces to those in need or using a service like Armoire, which stores, cleans and delivers your off-season clothes whenever you need them.

If you have too many pieces in your closet, you’ll never be able to find the ones you want. So consider those organizing tips and get your wardrobe in order!